Sarah Osborne

sultry folk from the west coast

Sarah Osborne is like honey in your ears with her smoky voice and elegant guitar fingers. Her craft of timeless poetry and emotionally ripe music are inspired by the old growth forests and thick salty air of Canada’s wild west coast. Her dramatic and haunting aura will take you on an entrancing journey through a sultry and powerful blend of folk, blues, and jazz.

Osborne hails from a musical family and a background in choir, musical theatre, dance, and piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music. She taught herself guitar after high school and at the same time began writing songs.

Her first solo EP, “s.o”, was recorded and produced by Peter Van Haaften at Oscar Peterson Hall in Montreal and heralded her grand entrance into the musical realm with its release in 2013. Building on the lush songwriting of her first album, Osborne released ‘The Blood Moon Sessions’ EP in 2015. Recorded by Jonny Miller at Freak Mountain Studios on Pender Island, this album deconstructs folk and jazz into stirring, raw songs that entrance the listener.

Sarah has toured Canada, the U.S. and Central America as a solo act and as half of the moody duo Mud + Murdoch. This winter she has retreated into the studio and is currently working on two recording projects to be released in Spring 2018. She will take these on the road with her far and wide this upcoming summer & fall. These recordings are greatly influenced and inspired by struggles of internal and external relationships, finding light within the darkness, and simply, the weather.